Floor Chairs for Kids

Have you been searching for the ideal floor chairs for your kids? Children love activities at the ground level so the traditional, expensive four leg chairs don’t typically work and get in the way when they are finished with them. The solution is a stackable, legless alternative called the BackJack chair.

This unique floor seating alternative is a popular choice for classrooms, libraries, media and therapy centers. In fact, there is nothing else out there like the unique BackJack Floor Chair. It’s completely stackable keeping the footprint at a minimum and the durability of the BackJack makes for an essential element for classrooms, libraries, read-a-thons, reading rooms, story time and so much more!

Here are just a few scenarios where the BackJack Floor Chair would be a great choice:

  • Classrooms – Teachers love BackJack Floor Chairs for story time to stay at eye level with their kids. The BackJack Floor Chair comes in two sizes (Regular and XL) to accommodate both kids and adults. BackJack Floor Chairs are especially great for the multipurpose classroom and specialized teaching spaces.
  • Public Libraries – Librarians love BackJack Floor Chairs for use in special events and read-a-thons. For everyday use, kids gravitate towards the BackJack Floor Chair after selecting a book from the shelf.
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers – Therapists love BackJack Floor Chairs for floor activities involving children suffering from Hypotonia and children who need gentle rocking, feeding, independent work and ocular tracking activities.

The BackJack Floor Chair comes in three models, so you might not know which model is the right one for personal use, or the classroom, library, etc.

BackJack Regular Chairs

BackJack Regular Chair (a.k.a. BackJack “Non-Folding” Chair)

Ideal for children or adults with smaller frames, or under 5’7” tall. This chair does NOT fold, but it does feature a flip-up seat, so little space is necessary in storage.

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BackJack Folding Chairs

BackJack Folding Chair

Ideal for children or adults with smaller frames, or under 5’7” tall. In fact, the BackJack Regular Chair is great for kindergarten and middle schoolers. If you’re limited on storage space, the BackJack Regular Folding Chair is a popular choice.

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BackJack XL Floor Chairs

BackJack XL Floor Chair

Great for taller teens and adults. The additional 2” width and 2” height of the BackJack XL Floor Chair makes it a great choice for teens that might find the BackJack Regular Chair a bit too small.

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